Low Tide Textures and Colours…

Low Tide at Five Islands Lighthouse Park

My creativity is fueled by change. And there is no better place to live than close to the ocean as change is what presents itself during and after each tidal phase. I relish the sounds of the water: when the tide comes in or is near its highest point I close my eyes to be enveloped by the sound of waves crashing on the beach or over rocks. Water running off a rocky beach during the receding and low tide is another mesmerizing sound that can drown out distant man-made noises.

I am equally excited by the textures and colours revealed at low tide. Just the other day I discovered something different and perhaps less beautiful to look at: squid eggs. They were gelatinous masses reminiscent of discarded string mop heads that had washed up on Five Islands Lighthouse Park Beach. There, at the high tide line, I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

Here is an article from Poseidon’s Web that explains squid reproduction in detail, just in case you are interested.

And, if you have been following me on here for a while, you will recall my fascination with kelp, dulse and sea lettuce. When they are wet they sparkle and often look like draped fabrics. When they are dry they are equally as interesting as they attach to one another and tear apart when the moisture evaporates. I decided to pull together a small slide show with the images I gathered during this outing:

I just love the translucency that presents at this stage. The exposure to the heat of the sun hastens the process and each patch has its own beauty.

Dry versus wet, the beach at low tide is an endless source of inspiration to me with fresh discoveries at any time. As this, my first, summer in the Bay of Fundy advances I never grow tired of venturing out. I love to observe, contrast and compare the constant changes and along the way I am creating a reference library of images for those days that will be wet or cold which surely lie ahead.

Thank you for stopping by today to check out some mesmerizing textures and colours. I hope you found something interesting and perhaps even beautiful among the images. Have a wonderful day. Warm wishes, Anna

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