Looking up… and down

At the end of Pier Road in Parrsboro the lighthouse is always my orientation point. Last Tuesday I found the clouds overhead mesmerizing. With their multilayered appearance, thier rich shading accentuated by the angle of the sun near sunset, they held particular interest for me.

Walking the familiar stretch along First Beach we came across a colony of gulls, some of them feasting on flounder carcasses they made quite the racket. This loner had walked off and seemed to be lost on the vast beach.

The light was just right to draw our shadows into elongated figures reaching toward the anchored boats on Second Beach in the distance. It was such a calm and pleasant evening without high humidity and no smoke haze from Western Canada. The previous evening the haze had made me feel like my vision was impaired. It was hard to believe that the smoke had reached our side of the country…

I walk along First and Second Beach regularly, always scanning the ground for eye catching rocks or a sign of well polished sea glass. However, I feel richly rewarded when the sky presents special cloud formations and evening light adds colours of peach and pink.

Located behind First Beach is a salt marsh that I have explored during all seasons. I love it when water is left between high tides. I quickened my pace when I discovered the breath-taking reflections presented in the slideshow above.

Here is proof and a vivid reminder to look around and take in all sights. It’s so easy to just focus on one plane and miss something else entirely. Enjoy the sights through my lens and make sure to go out and explore your own environment as well.

Wishing everyone a great Saturday, this last day of July. Perhaps you have plans to spend time with family, or you are in the process of charging your camera battery and about to head out of town… Best wishes! May your discoveries be rich, Anna

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