Back to the beach: Wasson’s Bluff

Wasson’s Bluff is one of my all-time favourite beaches to explore. It’s diversity in geological formations and vistas is second to none.

It’s been a while that I have been here. We almost didn’t stop in the parking area… there were several out-of-province trucks with trailers promising some unpleasant ATV noise. I am glad we decided to park and head down to the beach anyways. We soon left the people, tinny radio music and ATVs behind. A slight breeze was blowing keeping any insects away. We headed away from Two Islands toward a section of the beach I call “Mermaid Tears Beach.”

It felt as if I had been away for months… and soon I was engrossed in the rich offerings this beach holds. I have enough for several posts. Today I will just share some of the seaweed and other treasures that caught my eye and were left behind by the tide on the ocean floor. Enjoy!

While I spent much time looking down I am always taken by the majestic vistas, especially during the early evening.

The sun was moving behind the cliffs too fast once again. It was time to turn around and head back to the car. Imagine our delight when Two Islands were shrouded in mist upon our return to the starting point.

…and behind us the sun was moving close to the horizon while illuminating the clouds with an imaginary paintbrush…

Check back tomorrow for more Wasson’s Bluff impressions. Enjoy your Sunday! Warm wishes, Anna

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