In the Eye of the Beholder…

The view toward Five Islands from the mouth of the Moose River, NS

I am always grateful for my eye sight, especially since I try to witness and capture the landscape from distant horizon line to the smallest detail up close.

In early June my friend and I ventured out to a beach that is less popular as it requires a steep walk downhill (which is not an issue) but, every time I am heading back to the car the hill seems to have gained a few degrees of steepness leaving me short for breath on occasion. Short rests really help… 😉

We tend to do little walking once we reach this particular beach as our attention is drawn to the cliffs close to where we access the beach. We approach these cliffs with great respect and carefully assess the situation as the shattered fragile rock pieces at the foot are a constant reminder how quickly a layer can give away and wreak havoc.

The hours pass quickly as we slowly move along and examine the colours and textures of ancient geological formations.

Every time I review these slideshow images I smile for various reasons. I adore the colours, textures, lines and layers. I find them intriguing and I am mesmerized by the diversity that presents itself along such a short stretch of these Bay of Fundy cliffs, not to mention I am always in awe when I consider the age of these formations and that at one point this geographical area was actually connected to Africa…

And then I burst into laughter: When I first posted a selection of images that include those in the slideshow above on FaceBook one comment was “I definitely see a nude or two in these.” Well, I am obviously not a painter. Perhaps my imagination is not as developed as I thought it to be but, no matter how often I scroll through the images I cannot find those nudes. 😉

I will continue to marvel at nature while exploring and capturing awe-inspiring scenery and great details. Have a wonderful day, Anna

2 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Beholder…

  1. Perhaps a very abstract nude? I don’t think you lack imagination. I think it’s just that people see things in different ways. Thanks for the images. A couple showed lovely colour “stain” patterns. Could be fun to try for similar effect with dye or paint on fabric.

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