That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm, Home to The Dragon’s Breath…

One of the first local places along the Fundy Shore we acquainted ourselves with in November 2020 shortly after arriving in Nova Scotia was That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm in Economy. The day of our first visit was wet and grey….

Fast forward to yesterday: We were on our way to Masstown Market, our favourite place for quality meats, vegetables and dairy, when we decided to return to That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm. The sun was shining and the time was perfect for a quick stop along the way.

Each time I step out of the car in the parking area I feel transported back to the “old country”. The farm and cheese shop are located high on the mountain and the views over the Bay of Fundy are breathtaking! The picnic area is a wonderful addition to this destination spot.

The Cheese Farm also boasts a petting zoo. We have not yet visited that part as the Cheese Shop continues to be our main focus. Once the grand-kids come and visit we will explore the animals.

Opening the door into the shop visitors enter a world of gourmet treats. The gift shop centers around many Dutch traditions with their ubiquitous clogs, ceramic tiles, dishes and home decor strongly favouring a blue and white theme. Further into the shop one finds a section with greeting cards created by local artists for those keen to take advantage of a one-stop-shop for that last minute gift.

Eventually one winds around to the food section. Besides the famous Smeerkaas (spreadable Gouda cheese) and Original Dragon’s Breath Cheese created right here on site, one finds a variety of aged cheeses satisfying every taste. Imported Dutch licorice, the popular Ginger & Honey Cake, chocolate sprinkles and shavings used as sandwich toppings by the Dutch people I know I also found a selection of additive-free mini-salami sticks made in Ontario (yeah!). A great discovery indeed!

The ambience is so calming and nobody rushes customers to the till. One is encouraged to browse while the cheese maker is safely attending to the newest batch of Gouda cheese behind the glass wall.

We loved how well stocked this unique store is and we have already decided to return and check out the import section at Christmas time…

There is so much to explore and discover between Parrsboro and Truro. And if shopping isn’t high on the list of priorities one can just enjoy the vast beauty of the Bay of Fundy and the ever-changing light reflecting off the water.

Hope you enjoyed this little side trip to That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm! Wishing you a fabulous day with sunshine and warm breezes. Anna

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