Simplicity: Driftwood Examinations…

Driftwood – a poem by Robin Muir-Miller

The wood stands white,
And stark in its abandon

To the shaping of the tide.

Bear me, like the passive branch
On the breast of the ocean:
But show me the deeper places,
And cover me there
With a darker silence.

Driftwood is present at most of the beaches and it provides me with a plethora of opportunities to capture line, shape and texture. Depending on the lighting each washed up log or branch displays silvery white, gray and golden layers. I can lose myself for hours in the examination of these gifts of the ocean.

As my first year of living along the shores of the Bay of Fundy draws to a close I feel fortunate to have experienced all four seasons and their varied weather and lighting conditions. I never grow tired of revisiting the shore line of the Fundy GeoPark.

I sincerely hope that today’s offering provides you, the reader, with inspiration as you click on this image or that to discover the subtle nuances these old pieces of weathered wood, gifted to us by the sea, reveal.

Enjoy! Best wishes, Anna

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