The Ocean Is Calling…

Diligent River Beach overlooking the Bay of Fundy approaching low tide near sunset.

Some people engage in “forest bathing”. The smell of the forest will trigger a positive response to facilitate a feeling of well-being.

For me these positive responses are triggered when I can spend time at the beach. My schedule was over-flowing with commitments for weeks and I kept pushing my strong urge to explore a beach, any beach, out of reach. Monday afternoon I decided that it was high time to find a beach and just be.

“Nature has neither kernel nor shell; she is everything at once.”
– J. W. von Goethe

I set out for Diligent River, a short drive down shore. I had visited here before with my friend but this time there wasn’t time to organize a joint excursion. The clouds were gathering, the tide rolling out and the call from the Bay of Fundy too strong to ignore. I just had to venture out alone… and it felt good.

The image above was carefully selected to entice… I am preparing a longer post with many more images and a few impressions. Check back tomorrow morning for a real feast for the eyes… Enjoy your day! Best wishes, Anna

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