Time For Some Beach Love…

Did a mention that a regular dose of beach has become the anti-dote to feeling overwhelmed and stressed? I am sure, I have expressed this sentiment many times here. A spur of the moment decision to head to the beach to chase the tide out confirmed the healing properties the Bay of Fundy landscape holds for me.

My destination was the beach at Diligent River, a 15 minute drive from home. It’s an easy access beach; I just make my way down to the gravel parking area and within ten steps I am connected to my personal meditation space.

A deep breath in and long exhale restored my equilibrium. I knew I was missing my regular beach excursion but the moment I finished the exhale I felt lighter and, without consciously realizing it, I had dropped the stress from the past few weeks by the big rocks near the cliffs.

The far reaching vistas, mysterious light filtering through the clouds and a stiff breeze regenerated my senses within minutes. Once I centred myself I began to actively observe the textures and lines in my immediate surroundings.

A visit to the beach is never complete for me without looking closely at the details on rocks and around pebbles.

There were hearts everywhere… All summer I kept my eye out for heart-shaped rocks to add to my already substantial collection. It took a solitary walk of less than an hour to discover the treasures the fall tides have washed up lately.

I hope you enjoyed joining me on my restorative walk. My timing to get back to the car was impeccable… weather was moving in across the blueberry fields from the west. Sending best wishes to wherever you are, Anna

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