Phinney Green

Remember these images? They were taken the day I explored Wards Brook Beach. I could see as far as the Phinney Green sea stacks and made the decision to visit Phinney Green soon.

It only took one day and with the weather holding back on rain and snow I asked a couple of friends to join me.

The approach to the beach is not difficult. There are no brooks to navigate, I parked the car and we walked onto the beach within minutes. My friends had never visited here and as soon as we rounded the corner their breath was taken away with the impressive single sea stack at the entrance to the beach.

The tide was on its way out and we began a brisk walk to stay warm.

We reached the point where the cliffs break open and a river rushes across the pebble beach. It was a good place to turn around but not until I took the time to survey the water’s edge. I realized that I was able to spot the pyramidal shape of the Wards Brook Beach sea stack close to where I had turned around the previous day.

My primary fascination with Phinney Green Beach is the diversity of sea stacks. Such character! No matter which angle I explore, faces and figures begin to emerge. They rise up, silently communicating with their onlookers, telling stories of times past and natural wonder. I see wizards, birds taking off, warriors staring at each other with grim expressions, a gorilla face, and even a howling wolf… What do you see? My friends pointed out their discoveries and it helped me to discover uncharted territory.

The day was a bit gloomy with low-hanging clouds and fog shrouding the cliffs. Days like this are full of mystery and subdued sounds from the ocean. It was the last day of the year and we gathered all the negative influences that had accumulated in 2021 to collectively hurl them into the Bay, freeing our minds and perceptions to welcome a new year with open arms and positivity.

So far it is working… New challenges are already mounting but we are ready! Sending good vibes your way. Best wishes for a great Wednesday, Anna

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