The Ancients…

Diligent River Beach is one of the best-kept secrets around. There is a pebbled beach that extends from the wharf and old shipbuilding yard providing an opportunity for walkers who like to keep it simple.

I prefer the hidden approach past the houses on Cottage Lane. It leads to a small parking area and takes the explorer onto a rocky stretch of beach from where ancient Cape Split appears so much closer compared to anywhere else along our shore.

Impressive cliffs and geological formations get submerged during every high tide and slowly re-appear when the tide recedes changing their character and appearance ever so slightly. The millennia-old formations are covered in juicy green seaweed that draws the viewer in to observe the frosted layer of rime around the edges during these colder days.

It is an ancient beach, it is a fragile beach, it is a stretch of the Fundy Shore that demands a huge portion of healthy respect. The temptation to climb the large rocks along the cliff is always there but after my last visit, I noticed how much of the cliffside has deteriorated since last fall. It is dangerous and the advice from Caleb, the Fundy Geopark guide, echoes in my mind: “Stay at least two schoolbus lengths away from the cliffs!”

I kept my visit to Diligent River Beach short. The sun slipped behind a heavy cloud cover almost as soon as I arrived. The sunset light I was hoping for was not going to happen. With fingers frozen and the chill slowly advancing through the thick layers of my winter coat I called it a day and made my way back to the car.

Wishing you all a safe Wednesday. The month is slowly advancing, we are expecting a snowstorm and preparations are underway to ensure we have supplies and are comfortable in case the power goes out or a heavy blanket of snow prevents us from leaving the house. Happy Wednesday! Best wishes, Anna

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