The view from Glooscap Campground toward Cape Blomidon

Yesterday was a beautiful day, beckoning me to take full advantage of the sunshine before the next weather system brings changes.

I snowshoed from the gate of Glooscap Campground all the way down to the beach. I love the spot I featured above: it is always awe-inspiring and Feb. 16th, 2022 did not disappoint: the blue sky over the sparkling Bay of Fundy waters and white snow were beckoning.

The tide was just receding…

When I arrived at the beach I realized how well I had timed my excursion. The tide had receded enough to provide some space to walk. More than once I had to squeeze between a large rock outcropping while the water was lapping at my feet. that was a new experience!

Today I want to focus on what awaited me at the beach. It was a big surprise, one filled with wonder and awe…

I no sooner removed my snowshoes and put them in my knapsack when I realized what awaited me!

The wind was icy but I didn’t feel it because there was so much to explore!

As I rounded the rocky outcropping leaving behind the small hole in the massive rock the wind became even colder…

Soon I stumbled across more natural ice sculptures.

I spent much time moving from one icy boulder to the next, slowly exploring the textures and formations presented. I knew full well that this was a moment in time I would not be able to duplicate. With each minute, each high tide and warming ray of sunshine these sculptures were changing constantly.

And then, I looked up and found myself at Clarke Head. Already? That was quick and the tide was nowhere near its lowest point yet. I rounded the corner to what I call the “dark side” of Clarke Head.

With time on my side, I decided to venture on. I had walked into the wind and expected to be rewarded with warmer conditions on the way back. I talked myself into moving forward and what I discovered was amazing! Check back tomorrow for Part Two of Other-Worldly. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Happy Thursday. Best wishes, Anna

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