Other-Wordly Continued…

Thanks for coming back to find out more about my discovery after I moved to the “dark side” of Clarke Head. Another world opened up, one of wonder and awe!

I felt drawn to move on and round the next rock formation…

Soon I realized that this area connects me directly to Wasson’s Bluff! This is one hike i will embark on during a low tide period very soon.

And what’s this? Could it be a mini iceberg?

There comes a point during my solitary beach excursions where I wish secretly that I could walk on, throw caution to the wind and not worry about tides and vanishing daylight.

I am sure you agree that the discoveries are endless and warrant extended excursions…

The light was quickly moving into the golden hour and I still had to make my way back to the car. So, with a heavy heart I left behind this treasure trove of inspiration.

I made it back right around sunset. Three hours and ten kilometres yielded a special haul of images, discoveries and memories. Time well spent on a sunny, yet chilly day. It took another three hours to warm up. But it was definitely worth “suffering” through the wind on my face to and from Clarke Head.

Best wishes for a restful weekend, Anna

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