Marsh Bubbles…

Partridge Island Marsh looking toward Cape Sharp and Cape Split

The marsh near Partridge Island sits on top of ancient basalt beds. With each tide cycle we witness tiny bubbles emerging from the porous rocks. Ancient indigenous legends tell us that the spots where the water bubbles are Glooscap’s Grandmother’s Cooking Pots.

No matter how often I witness this phenomenon I never grow tired of spending a few contemplative moments listening and watching.

Enjoy the video, wind sounds and all! Happy Tuesday, my friends. Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Marsh Bubbles…

    1. Yes!!! It is as if the water is alive. It’s just what I thought when I witnessed it for the first time. In the open water on the Bay side there are two circular areas that truly resemble a pot at rolling boil. These are popular swimming spots in the summer as the water is significantly warmer in these areas.


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