Jeffers Falls

A misty Wednesday, grey and threatening rain off and on for most of the day, perfect for spending some time exploring the woods. I recently found out that a sign at the Jeffers Falls trailhead had been installed. Today we had a chance to check it out.

While the trail was described as easy with a few rocky sections I highly recommend sturdy hiking boots with good tread. The final section of the narrow path leading to a spot from where the falls are visible is not for the faint of heart. Will I include this hike on my list of guided tours? I will not as I feel the terrain is too uneven and narrow.

Instead I would lead interested parties to the view point above the falls. This is the way I experienced them on New Year’s Day 2021. Powerful and invigorating! The approach is manageable without hazards…

…and the photo opportunities without limitations.

Jeffers Falls, a place to listen to falling waters and engage in forest bathing at its finest.

Enjoy the place through my eyes. Thanks for stopping by today, Anna

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