Afternoon Adventure in the Rain

I am sure everyone has a spot in the town or village they reside in that could use some attention. I have been walking past a popular teenage hangout on a wooded hill almost daily for two years now. It’s tolerable in the summer when the bushes and trees are in full foliage but once the leaves drop the area is an indescribable mess! Snow will also cover up the unsightly trash site but snow eludes us this year.

I have been on a bit of a war path for the last week, a war path with garbage in places where it doesn’t belong. The images above don’t really do the area justice. Colin and I took the plunge (just as the rain started) and spent 90 minutes clearing this hillside of trash. The result: three large bags totaling 58 lbs!

We were wet, we were cold but in the end it felt great to have removed the eye sore on our street! Our philosophy is that if you remove the unsightly area you also remove the temptation to add to further littering. To be perfectly clear: It was not all trash generated by teenagers, there were plenty of take out cups from the local coffee shop. Adults and youth both need to step it up… we are a tourist destination after all!!

The highlight of the adventure beside the final weigh-in? A contemplative moment presented itself to examine the exquisitely wet and shiny, partially burnt out log. Images are at the top of the post to focus on the positive!

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, Anna

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