Wasson’s Bluff Excursion

I kicked off a new and free hiking program in Parrsboro today. The fact that one hiker showed up means that it is already a success!

Maddie and I set out to Wasson’s Bluff as planned. But as we arrived at the beach we assessed our situation in relation to the tide and decided to venture to the opposite side from the scouted hike on Monday . Maddie had never walked this stretch of beach before and I know it very well.

After carefully navigating a short distance of rocky terrain the tide had receded enough for a leisurely stroll. The wind was not harsh and we had the beach to ourselves. What glorious two hours we spent in like-minded company

Thanks for joining me for the Wednesday afternoon hike today, Maddie. I am planning next week’s excursion already! With no snow in the forecast it will be another hike unless things change drastically.

So grateful for another day spent in nature! Blessings to all, Anna

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