Sunny Afternoon Beach Walk

Monday is the one day of the week I have off at the moment and I always rejoice when the weather cooperates. After a foggy start to the day, the sun pushed through the clouds, lifted the fog and illuminated the world. I made my way to Partridge Island Beach mid-afternoon, just in time for high tide.

What great timing: There was no wind, the sun was shining warmly and the beach was not too busy.

Looking toward Second Beach

The open water reflected the bright blue sky and the flooded salt marsh, patrolled by the local crow, presented perfect reflections of the cottages and Dead Tree Island (I made up the unofficial name for the little island).

My friend and I walked the beach twice as we just did not want to go home. We did our best to soak up the warm sun rays before the weather is sure to change, it is almost the middle of November after all!

Driftwood and rocks drew our attention as always. Bright contrasts were provided by sprigs of bright red rosehips and golden leaves kissed with red.

These are the colours that will warm me during the chilly days of winter…

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

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