Distant Thunder…

To balance my time indoors during my month-long artist residency I am actively trying to make an effort in spending time outdoors. The weather app tells me that it is raining and I detect a tiny lighting bolt under the cloud. Looking out our living room window I decide that it might be in my best interest to head out of Parrsboro… perhaps I could avoid the rain and thunderstorm?

I set out in the direction of Two Islands up shore and I stop at Glooscap Campground. The campground is closed for the season and few people like bending low to slip under the fence. I don’t mind. I love walking toward the sound of waves traveling up the cliff, beckoning me to hurry. Walking down the generous approach to the beach I notice my breathing slowing down. The salty air fills my lungs and my mind clears. My heart beat slows. A deep inhale and exhale: Ahhhh…

The tide is receding rapidly and, after looking in both directions, I turn left. The closer I get to the water the more intense the sound of crashing waves. It is evident weather is moving in but for the moment I delight in what is right there in front of me!

Looking at these images I can still hear the waves crashing, as the red sand is mixing with the water I am reminded of a painting I once saw titled “The Chocolate Wave”. And it all comes together with the cloudy sky filtering a little sunlight near the horizon.

Daylight begins to fade and I drink in those precious moments. There are no voices, no music nor car motors or heavy machinery. As crashing waves make landfall and roll back the occasional squawk from a gull cuts through the air and then, there it is: distant thunder. At first I try to push the familiar sound aside, then I become acutely aware that I am the tallest figure walking the vast beach. I begin to move faster only to get distracted by the coloured pebbles under my feet…

I examine the cliffs in shadow, searching for the thunder clouds.

…but the source of the rolling thunder eludes me.

Before I turn to ascend the path leading to the campground and the safety of my car I capture one more image of the magical light streaming over Cape Blomidon and bouncing of the waters of the Bay of Fundy. What a sight! What a place to call home! Abundance everywhere!

Before I turn the wheels to return home I check the ditches for cranberries, and I am in luck. The handful I gather will be the last for this year. These few will add some tartness to an apple crumble or some honey and almond muffins. The weekend is here and it’s time for some comfort food.

Enjoy your Saturday! Best wishes, Anna

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