Nature And Its Contemplative Allure

I have posted about my fascination with driftwood before. While browsing my image library this morning I felt compelled to select just a few photos I captured during various beach excursions this year to highlight the incredible diversity on offer. All I need to keep in mind is to wander and let myself respond to a flash of perception…

These flashes are unique and I can never predict what will demand my attention before I set foot on the beach. Sometimes I respond to the smooth surface of the aged driftwood deposited at the foot of a cliff by a higher than usual tide, other times I feel the need to explore the line quality the cracks present. Every once in a while I discover faces or fantastical creatures looking back at me. Driftwood will always present a rich source of inspiration for my photography.

Wishing you a fabulous Sunday. Wasn’t it great to catch up on that extra hour of sleep we lost in the spring when we switched our clocks to daylight savings time? Enjoy the day, Anna

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