Looking for Wave Action…

Where did this week go? The unexpected trip to Halifax sure disrupted my efforts to reestablish a routine of daily beach excursions. By the time things settled down it was Thursday and I was in dire need of beach time. The wind was strong and I imagined strong wave action… but when I arrived at Ottawa House Beach it was calm with the tide slowly rolling in.

I parked the car and set out for a short walk close to the waterline. The light was mysterious and changing constantly. Instead of waiting a few minutes for it to change it shifted from gloomy to bright every few seconds. The view toward Cape Split was shrouded in grey and with the sun hiding behind whisps clouds over Partridge Island, turning around and looking toward Parrsboro and Second Beach the cliffs were illuminated by bright sunlight.

The slideshow above tells the story much better than I can. The images below captured the beach up close. There was not much debris, the heavy surf on Monday and Tuesday must have carried away the usual treasures. But that’s ok… it kept my pockets lighter for a change.

No matter what the weather offers, a short walk at the beach is better than spending time on the couch. The wind finally picked up and sent me back to the car. It was great to get out and breathe some fresh air and have my hair dishevelled by the breeze.

Happy Friday, everyone! What’s on the agenda this weekend? Christmas craft sales are popping up everywhere here and I am turning my attention toward some seasonal decorating… and then there is the baking that needs to be done. I promised some friends to supply them with cookies for their open house in a couple of weeks. So much to do and so little time!

Enjoy your weekend! Best wishes, Anna

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