Perseverance pays off…

I posted about my quest to find wave action several times already… Last Saturday afternoon I jumped in the car and drove the 4 km to Partridge Island Beach. Once I parked the vehicle I had trouble opening the door with the wind pushing against it. Ottawa House and Partridge Island Beaches are more sheltered, so when I didn’t see impressive waves I zipped up my coat, pulled the the hood over my head and set out toward East Beach by cutting across the saltmarsh.

This involved finding the rutted and pothole dotted road that I like to avoid with the car. The puddles were epic! But I was prepared. Wearing my rubber boots I had no problem navigating around the edges and even wading through some of the lower puddles. What fun!

The reward was some great waves looking toward Cape Split. I could have spent more time there, at the water’s edge, if it wasn’t for the relentless wind. At times it was so strong I was able to lean into it with my whole body weight and let go and I was kept upright. It’s an amazing feeling when that happens but this time of the year it is also quite cold. My hands were getting very stiff and I had trouble holding on to the camera.

There is always something to do and see at the beach and just as I turned around my eye caught a glimpse of the heart-shaped rock at my feet. The driftwood was calling me as well. I am always in awe when I imagine the force of the water required to push these heavy trees onto the beach where they stay until extreme high tides rearrange them.

I finished my walk along the quiet beach below Ottawa House and found enough interesting things to capture with the camera there. I call this an afternoon of lovely discoveries!

Happy Monday to all. May the start to your week be filled with serenity and peace. Best wishes, Anna

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