Time Flies…

…especially if you fill your days with new challenges.

The last couple of blog posts have been brief not because I didn’t feel like writing and sharing images but because my attention was briefly diverted.

Yesterday I was invited to test the brand-new Fundy GeoPark Ambassador Training Programme. I am among the first to be certified as a Fundy GeoPark Ambassador and feel quite honoured to have been asked to participate in the test run. It was an hour well spent as it added to my knowledge base. Living in the heart of the Fundy GeoPark carries a certain responsibility and sharing background information along the way with visitors in the community and general area is a great way to engage.

And just because it was so much fun spending time in the ZOOM classroom yesterday, another three hours today added to my educational enjoyment. This blog was created thanks to walking the Fundy Shore and exploring Nova Scotia. I was looking for a way to engage with the community on a deeper level and when I started my research I was directed to NS Walk. As I perused the website last week I discovered today’s free online training programme for potential walk leaders and didn’t waste any time. I signed up and joined 21 potential walk leaders and the coordinator from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and even one person in Ontario for three hours to engage in discussing and planning new walk programs around our province.

I can’t wait to get started and see where this leads me next. I love getting out into nature and it has really helped to clear my mind while keeping my fitness levels up. Staying cooped up in one’s home for prolonged periods is not natural and with the NS Walk leadership training, I feel I have plugged into a growing community.

But, first things first: We have another storm approaching for the weekend. Once I can assess the situation I will be out there scouting walking and hiking routes. Stay tuned for new excursions and adventures. Best wishes, Anna

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