Contemplative Walk

The light mid-morning was beautiful as I set out for a short walk through the Winter Wonderland, otherwise known as Parrsboro. I focused on familiar landscape transformed by the Christmas Day snowfall.

The salt marsh bull rushes, bent by relentless wind and covered with a dusting of snow.
Standing tall times three
Tracks long the edge
Slicing the sky
Shadow Play
Salt marsh texture
Curious Canada Geese
This one’s for you, Vaughn! Found calligraphy!
Icy patches
Icy texture with snow
Good morning, Mr. Fishing Crow!

I hope you enjoyed my Boxing Day walk. It was refreshing to venture out after two days in and out of the kitchen entertaining friends and spoiling them with home-made meals and treats.

Happy Monday! May you embrace all the final week of 2022 has on offer, Anna

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