First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!

I have made myself available this winter to lead snowshoe or hikes on Wednesday afternoons under the auspices of NSWalks and Cumberland County Rec. The local recreation department has a free lending program for locals and tourists where one can try out snow shoring or cross country skiing without investing their own money in equipment. Many Nova Scotia communities have this program.

I was pleased to see three interested participants meet up with me after lunch. It has really been the first Wednesday this winter that we could actually don snowshoes for the first time: we have a thick layer of the white stuff to test.

The woods we explored are in Parrsboro proper and we all agreed that the snow covered trees lent a certain magic to our outing. Did I create some new snowshoe enthusiasts? The jury is still out on that. I am very proud of everyone who came out and gave this Wintersport an honest try!

It was a beautiful setting for our outing. The forecast for tomorrow is for strong winds and heavy rain. All the more reason for feeling grateful for today’s outdoor experience!

Best wishes to all, Anna

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