When the tide is really really high…

…it’s usually best to avoid the beaches! There is one beach in Port Greville I feel confident where a rogue wave will not sweep me into the sea. That’s where I took my hiking group to this afternoon. This tree stump was gigantic and as we walked toward it we were reminded of a rockingContinue reading “When the tide is really really high…”

Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville

After a two year hiatus the much loved Living Christmas Tree Choir concert returned. We took in the Sunday night performance. There were few empty seats, masked and smiling faces and such joy among the performers and audience. Port Grenville is a twenty minute drive down shore from Parrsboro. We don’t usually venture out atContinue reading “Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville”

A “new to me beach” to explore…

A grey afternoon threatening rain won’t keep us at home now that the temperatures are rising. My friend and I headed down shore toward Port Greville and decided to explore a beach we had not visited before. Each stretch of rocky shore offers so much to explore. We walked along the high tide line withContinue reading “A “new to me beach” to explore…”

Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville

I can’t remember the last time I walked along this beach, and never I have I been here at high tide. The waves were rushing toward us, the sound drowning out any bird sounds. The smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves hitting the shore and rushing back across the pebbles wasContinue reading “Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville”