Contemplative Moments

In Contemplative Miksang photography we respond to the Flash of Perception, that moment where our attention is drawn to a particular composition in nature or the ordinary world. These are, in some way, mini meditations: moments that drown out distractions like noise, or even the stunning landscape surrounding the “flash”. Give it a try sometime!Continue reading “Contemplative Moments”


Sometimes one just had to pull back from the big landscape views available and go inward. The light was perfect this morning. Filtering through the hedges, illuminating tips of individual leaves, casting shadows and providing countless opportunities to capture images in just one very small area. Happy Thursday to you all. Best wishes, Anna

Nature Observations

I spotted this perfectly illuminated leaf from the backseat of a car about 50 meters away. It drew my attention immediately. I call this my “flash of perception”. Two days later the sparkling rain drops on these apple blossoms had a similar effect on me. Creamy white and soft pink colour splashes contrasted against aContinue reading “Nature Observations”

Up Close Photography…

…is always a great way to explore the nitty gritty of a particular area. These images were made while exploring a park in Halifax. Finding subjects and topics for this type of photography is limitless! It has a name: Miksang. Miksang is Tibetan for “The Good Eye”. It is also referred to as Contemplative Photography.Continue reading “Up Close Photography…”

Inner Harbour Exploration

Yesterday was another sunny day and with half an hour to spare between commitments I went out for a quick walk. Parrsboro has a rich shipbuilding and seafaring history. The harbour is gone and much has changed but remnants of the old docks provide great opportunities to explore. The anchor holds much symbolism on multipleContinue reading “Inner Harbour Exploration”