There is a Chill in the Air

Daylight is moving toward sunset… I can hardly believe how early the sun disappears these days! By 4:30 pm it gets dark. I just returned from an afternoon at the Fibre Guild where I fulfilled my obligation of sharing my knowledge of sewing machine maintenance… so different from hiking the beaches😜 but a vital partContinue reading “There is a Chill in the Air”

Golden Light

It was a beautiful day yesterday, Easter Monday. We had appointments in Amherst all day and I missed my opportunity for a longer hike. Instead I carved out time for a sunset walk. I am always in awe of Golden Hour, that time before the sun slips beyond the horizon. The light seems to paintContinue reading “Golden Light”

Golden Hour at Second Beach

Following a few days without a beach walk I am always grateful when the weather cooperates and the sun presents me with magical light…