Hike Nova Scotia Field Leader Certification

There were eight of gathering across the Bay of Fundy in Wolfville this weekend. From a full day in the classroom to actively leading, presenting teachable moments on the trail, to building emergency shelters, it was an intense weekend. The lengthy exam concluded two packed days of hike leader training. Did I pass the exam?Continue reading “Hike Nova Scotia Field Leader Certification”

Evangeline Beach, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

We stopped and camped near this amazing beach a little over four years ago. Yesterday we returned on our way to Wolfville and I realized that my love for the Bay of Fundy began here… The view of Cape Blomidon is a mirror image to what the view is from Ottawa House Beach. I wasContinue reading “Evangeline Beach, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia”

Delighting in Small Things

When a pinched nerve prevents regular beach hikes or even a simple walk through town one must delight in beauty close to home. The last two weeks have been a challenge… starting tomorrow I will have to get some help with this issue😊. Enjoy my backyard view with me. Happy Sunday, Anna

A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

Two years ago we explored this area for the first time. It was our first day out of quarantine (remember those days?). We donned our masks and drove down shore to see what the Fundyshore has to offer. The image above was taken this morning while reflecting on our great life here for the pastContinue reading “A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…”

Busy Spiders…

Those who know me well remember that I don’t carry a particular fondness for spiders… in the house. This year our autumn just continues to surprise us with warm temperatures and the outdoor spiders have been busy! I decided to share a few of the images I gathered over the past month. Enjoy and allContinue reading “Busy Spiders…”

It’s a real treat…

…to live in the area labelled: the wild blueberry capital of Canada. When we moved here we had no idea what these brightly coloured fields lining the roads were all about. Two years and a few days ago we travelled toward our destination ooohing and aaahing about the glowing reds guiding us toward Parrsboro. WeContinue reading “It’s a real treat…”

Rainy Day Impressions

On my walk to weekly writing group I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet nature of a misty fall day. Stopping for various discoveries, admiring them and trying to capture the moment I nearly arrived late! The monochromatic landscape paired well with coloured contemplative discoveries along the way. Enjoy and immerse yourselves. Best wishes, Anna

A Few of my All-time Favourites

I was asked to submit a few “nature images” to the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark yesterday. I scoured my albums and these three stick out as my favourite captures thus far. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. May they set the tone for a fabulous week, Anna

Cape Sharpe Lighthouse

My friend Adrienne and I had planned this short hike a while ago. Our schedules lined up for this morning and it promptly started to rain at the agree pickup time. We persevered and by the time we arrived at the trailhead the rain had stopped. The rugged hiking trail is steep and I hadContinue reading “Cape Sharpe Lighthouse”

When the day begins a little foggy…

…it often rewards us with a touch of colour! May it brighten your Monday, wherever you are. Love and light, Anna

Fleeting Moments of Autumn

Many of you will agree when I point out that an autumnal walk will reveal discoveries often bypassed. Not only are the leaves changing colour but the fruit is past it’s prime… add a little frost and we have a reason to contemplate fading beauty. Saturday Blessings, Anna

October Hike to Clarke Head…

Just in case you are new to my posts, I made a vow to myself late last December that I would return to Clarke Head once a month throughout 2022. I have kept that promise to myself and embarked on this beach hike at least once a month, some days alone and other days withContinue reading “October Hike to Clarke Head…”