Some Thanksgiving Weekend Impressions

The view from the front door at Ottawa House by-the-Sea where I am spending my days volunteering this weekend. The colours are changing and turning more intense each day! And best of all: we celebrated this sweet girl’s third “Gotcha Day” Happy Thanksgiving Monday from Parrsboro. Enjoy your day, Anna

Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited

The weather yesterday afternoon was perfect for a little excursion. Soley Cove is a favourite destination. It was time to check up on the sea stack after Hurricane Fiona. Fiona definitely left her mark, the Soley Cove sea stack has “lost a little more weight” but the scenery always leaves me in awe… Best wishesContinue reading “Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited”

It Beckoned From Afar…

‘What on earth could this be?’ I asked myself the other morning. These softball sized formations seemed out of place in the middle of the field. I had never seen such large puffball mushrooms. This variety is inedible but I had a chance to examine the surface closely and found it truly fascinating. The markingsContinue reading “It Beckoned From Afar…”

Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection

I am conducting a guided hike as part of Ottawa House-by-the-Sea Thanksgiving events. Yesterday I woke up realizing that I had not checked the trails after Fiona payed us a visit. So, after walking my dogs in town I headed over to Partridge Island to put my mind at ease. All is well on theContinue reading “Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection”

Treasure Hunt…

…on a frosty morning! Yes, this was the first frost we have encountered this fall. And a glorious walk followed. The sun was up and rapidly warming the landscape. The jewel-like ice crystals surrounding leaves and flowers melted quickly but not until I had time to explore nature’s gifts. Hope your Monday presented you withContinue reading “Treasure Hunt…”

Speechless at Sunset

We were winding down a belated birthday party for friends when the sky exploded with colour… on the way home I just had to swing by the Pier. Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Enjoy, Anna

Early Autumn Colours

I was very relieved today: we were out running some everyday errands when I decided to check on a place where the fall colours took my breath away last year. I am happy to report: There is colour among the trees! The prediction that Fiona’s “visit” last week would curtail the annual colour show weContinue reading “Early Autumn Colours”

Sparkles and Clouds…

It’s a glorious and sunny day here in Parrsboro. I just took my bike out for a spin around town. A brief stop near the pier across from the lighthouse was well timed to capture the sparkle on the water and impressive cloud formations above Blomidon. Happy Wednesday! Enjoy and best wishes, Anna

Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

…Thanks for checking in today. I received numerous messages inquiring about our well-being. Here is the short version of the situation in Parrsboro: We have had no power since midnight and no cell phone service in town. I finally found connectivity with my cell phone near the pier. We weathered the storm without damage toContinue reading “Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…”

Walking the beach while waiting…

…for Fiona. I swung by the beach this afternoon expecting some wave action but the Bay was calm. The tide was on its way out and my attention was drawn to the well weathered driftwood near the protective berm. The lines and textures never disappoint and the grey of the sky appeared to be mirroredContinue reading “Walking the beach while waiting…”

Memories of Grand Manan

We had a busy morning stowing away yard ornaments and furniture in anticipation of hurricane Fiona. This meant that a walk on the beach was not on the agenda. Instead I scrolled through some pictures I captured while visiting Grand Manan two weeks ago and in search of a beach to explore. I loved makingContinue reading “Memories of Grand Manan”

The Bay Beckons…

Afternoon tea at Ottawa House to honour the Queen’s memory behind me I met up with my friend and headed to the beach. Soothing sounds of waves and gulls soaring overhead provided the perfect backdrop to restore equilibrium. May your Monday evening offer an opportunity to relax and reset, Anna

Even in the rain…

…a hike to Clarke Head with first time visitors to Parrsboro is the perfect Sunday morning excursion. My friend and local B&B host sent a text first thing this morning to see if I had my day booked already. I was free. I checked the tide times and headed over to meet with visitors fromContinue reading “Even in the rain…”