Wet Weather…

It was wet and gloomy outside today. After a rainy walk in the morning it was time for some indoor catch up… First up: shaping and finishing up the rum balls. They are getting two thumbs up from the chief taster in the house. They should be good, I used a lot of dark rumContinue reading “Wet Weather…”

Things to do on a Chilly Sunday Afternoon

Parrsboro Creative recently advertised an introductory memoir writing workshop with visiting author in residence, Fran Zell. I am part of a weekly writing group and was intrigued by the challenge. As a member of Parrsboro Creative the workshop was free. Following the two Saturday sessions we participated in a literary reading which really meant: sharingContinue reading “Things to do on a Chilly Sunday Afternoon”

And just like that there is snow!

Yesterday’s wind was fierce and when we opened our eyes this morning there was snow! The sun is well above 0C now and the white stuff has nearly melted. I love these brief seasonal foreshadowing events. This snow cover won’t last long but it reminds us of what is to come. Happy Saturday! Best wishes,Continue reading “And just like that there is snow!”

First Beach Walk

The afternoon brought sunshine after the overnight rain. I made it to the beach for my first real post-surgery walk. Slowly gaining energy and strength. Grateful for our amazing beaches. Hope your Sunday was filled with sunshine! Best wishes, Anna