Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike

I missed out on the great weather yesterday. Despite the rainy day forecast I decided to venture to Clarke Head with the outgoing tide today. I barely made it to the beach when the drizzle started but water and wind-proof clothing kept me warm and dry for the two hour excursion. Partridge Island and CapeContinue reading “Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike”

Rack Cards are Here!

It’s official! I took the plunge, the business name Tide Roller & Mudlarkers was registered as a business in Nova Scotia recently and I am gearing up for a bush tourist season. My rack cards are here and will be distributed shortly. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Bestwishes, Anna

Surf’s Up!!!

Tide was nearing its high point this afternoon at West Advocate, Nova Scotia! Humbling and invigorating at the same time… Some still images that don’t require any words. Enjoy! Happy Sunday, friends and fellow ocean lovers. May these images provide you with energy for another work week, Anna

Winter Beach Treasures

The beach always offers up colour, even a dreary, grey winter day holds surprises under foot. Look closely and see the brightly coloured pebbles, the deep burgundy seaweed frozen in time or the soft red and cream of coral… Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, Anna

Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…

My new snowshoes arrived yesterday and I was keen to try them. My scheduled hike was poorly attended but my friend decided to tag along and try snowshoeing for the first time. Fran did amazingly well! The snow wasn’t very deep but I detected ice in regular intervals. We opted for leaving the snowshoes onContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…”

Which Hike Today?

After 19 months of sharing walk and hiking destinations in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark area on this site, I took some time over the past week and revisited each post… there are close to 600 already. I am very excited to share with you the release of a new page on this website. DrumrollContinue reading “Which Hike Today?”

Perfect Weather…

…to test some recently acquired gear. It’s been quite wet here in Parrsboro along the Fundy shore. Today the weather wasn’t too sure what to do. There was a bit of snow first thing but the rain was creating some interesting melt patterns. By the time I had my pack assembled and changed into weatherContinue reading “Perfect Weather…”

“Old Man” Sea Stack Up Close and Personal

No matter the time of day or year this impressive landmark on the way to Clarke Head always calls for attention. Enjoy!

Witnessing the Tide Come In

The weather today was warm and dry, perfect for taking my friend out for a belated birthday beach excursion. Phinney Green is always a great place to listen to the waves and watch the tide roll in. The light was soft and magical… …and the blue sky emerged with high tide early afternoon. Wishing everyoneContinue reading “Witnessing the Tide Come In”

The “Guzzle”

Not far from Evangeline Beach in Grand Pre and a short drive along dyke land is “The Guzzle”, an inter-tidal area of significance and ever-changing. We visited here the first time four years ago and since then some things have changed. The interpretive signs are a great addition to this destination viewpoint. Speaking of theContinue reading “The “Guzzle””

On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

I love surprises! On our way home from Grand Manan Island last week we travelled along the Fundy Coastline from Alma Beach to Moncton. We last visited Cape Enrage in 2008. And things have changed… The beach prior to heading up to the lighthouse called to us to stop and explore. It was definitely worthContinue reading “On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick”

Tide Pool Observation

Tide pools on the Bay of Fundy are vastly different from those along other coast lines. The extreme high tides are tough on sea life and one has to look hard for small creatures moving about in shallow pools of water. My favourite creatures to watch are tiny hermit crabs. Enjoy! Happy Sunday, friends! SendingContinue reading “Tide Pool Observation”

Blacks Habour & Grand Manan Impressions

To catch the ferry to Grand Manan one is required to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure, even with a reservation. We claimed our spot in line bright and early which left me with some time to explore the area around the ferry dock. It had rained the night before and the skyContinue reading “Blacks Habour & Grand Manan Impressions”

A “new to me beach” to explore…

A grey afternoon threatening rain won’t keep us at home now that the temperatures are rising. My friend and I headed down shore toward Port Greville and decided to explore a beach we had not visited before. Each stretch of rocky shore offers so much to explore. We walked along the high tide line withContinue reading “A “new to me beach” to explore…”

No matter what the weather…

Clarke Head on a Sunday morning… moving from light snow to full sunshine along the Fundy Shore!

The Ancients…

As long as it is not snowing, the wind too strong or the rain pelting down I make an effort to get out even during the winter… Diligent River called!

Phinney Green

The last beach excursion of 2021 was full of contemplation and discovery. Join me as I recount the experience…

Wards Brook Beach

Wards Brook Beach is a 20 minute drive from Parrsboro. The access has changed and became a little more challenging over the last year but my determination paid off…

Golden Hour at Second Beach

Following a few days without a beach walk I am always grateful when the weather cooperates and the sun presents me with magical light…