Five Islands on a Moody Morning from Blue Sac Road Beach

Yesterday called for some beach time. The weather ended up less sunny than promised but I managed to inhale some sea air while exploring the views as the tide was nearing its lowest point. Exploring the ocean floor, as it is exposed, and hunting for interesting tthings along the high tide mark make every beachContinue reading “Five Islands on a Moody Morning from Blue Sac Road Beach”

Twelve Days Later Than Planned…

…but I finally made it to my monthly destination, Clarke Head. It was a grey day, with rain in the forecast. A little rain was not going to deter my friend and I when we set out shortly after the tide turned yesterday afternoon. The walk was wonderful and just what I yearned for. ThisContinue reading “Twelve Days Later Than Planned…”

Sunset Beach Walk at Diligent River Beach

Oh how wonderful it felt to get to the beach at sunset last night! We brought along the pups and they had a grand time marking spots, sniffing out treasures and jumping over obstacles. The sunset brought rich golds and oranges with the blue sky reflecting off the calm waters in the channel. There isContinue reading “Sunset Beach Walk at Diligent River Beach”

Blue Morning

The light is mysterious this morning. What is most welcome is the lack of snow today. Perfect conditions for the weekly walk I am about to lead under the auspices of NSWalks. Enjoy your day, wherever you may live! Best wishes, Anna

Into the Distance

It’s Sunday and we have been blessed by another “snow into rain” event. It is the kind of day that I love to browse through my recent photographs to select those that have touched me the most. The natural window featured today is one of those special captures that call for a pause and completeContinue reading “Into the Distance”

And we’re off! Parrsboro’s Walking Group is now active!

After a glorious, sunny day yesterday we witnessed icicles melting from rooftops… …but we woke up to four inches of fluffy snow today. Messages and emails arrived from 7:30 onward to ask if the walk was still taking place. I am not one to shirk commitments and since I had no idea who might justContinue reading “And we’re off! Parrsboro’s Walking Group is now active!”

Diligent River Beach

Last Thursday gifted us with sun and blue sky, the perfect conditions to lure me outside. I was thankful for my -40C rated winter coat as the breeze was very chilly. Ever the optimist, when setting out for this beach excursion, I was hoping for the wind to die down as we made our wayContinue reading “Diligent River Beach”

Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist

Remember my post from the fog-shrouded Parrsboro Lighthouse? On the way home from Truro we took Soley Cove Road at the foot of Economy Mountain. My friends who travelled with me had not been here before but were very happy I shared this little side-excursion and vista with them. Enjoy the mysterious images. Happy Friday,Continue reading “Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist”

Magical Fog

Following a night of heavy rain I made my way to Truro yesterday. On the way home fog was rolling off the Bay of Fundy toward the Cobequid Highlands and by the time I arrived back in Parrsboro the fog horn was calling… a quick drive to the pier provided a few serene moments afterContinue reading “Magical Fog”

Geological Formation or Natural Ice Sculpture?

At the base of the cliff I came across this fascinating sculpture last week. It reminded me of a pre-historic creature and as I approached I expected it to grow wings to take flight at any moment. It took getting up close and personal with it to realize that ice and pink Bay of FundyContinue reading “Geological Formation or Natural Ice Sculpture?”

Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…

…as part of the Fundy Shore Winter Carnival. The Fundy Shore Winter Carnival kicked off last Thursday. The event I was most interested in was the tour jointly organized by the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum. It was advertised as the Highland Tour exploring the area surrounding That Dutchman Cheese Farm in Economy. AllContinue reading “Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…”

Other-Wordly Continued…

Thanks for coming back to find out more about my discovery after I moved to the “dark side” of Clarke Head. Another world opened up, one of wonder and awe! I felt drawn to move on and round the next rock formation… Soon I realized that this area connects me directly to Wasson’s Bluff! ThisContinue reading “Other-Wordly Continued…”


Yesterday was a beautiful day, beckoning me to take full advantage of the sunshine before the next weather system brings changes. I snowshoed from the gate of Glooscap Campground all the way down to the beach. I love the spot I featured above: it is always awe-inspiring and Feb. 16th, 2022 did not disappoint: theContinue reading “Other-Wordly?”

Snowshoe Destination: FoxPoint Beach

Last Friday was another glorious day in the Bay of Fundy. It definitely called for an extended outing. I packed the snowshoes, just in case and was glad to have them handy when the road approach turned out to be too slushy to drive. Snowshoes were the best solution to make headway though the woodsContinue reading “Snowshoe Destination: FoxPoint Beach”

Colour Burst

I wasn’t going to share this image here because I already posted this amazing sunset capture on my Instagram and FaceBook accounts. However, I realize not everyone uses social media. When a personal request to repost my image on a local community FaceBook bulletin board arrived a little while ago I decided to share theContinue reading “Colour Burst”