Parrsboro at Sunrise…

Getting up before sunrise happens when an early hike is planned. Today I am showing a visitor to Parrsboro some of our spectacular sights in the Fundy GeoPark. Our first stop is Wasson’s Bluff. The sunrise was spectacular at the bottom of our backyard and when I turned to make my way to the meetingContinue reading “Parrsboro at Sunrise…”

Sunday Afternoon Break in the Sun…

There is no better place to shift gears and get a break from every day responsibilities than the beach! The tide was rolling out and the sun shone brightly providing us with a healthy dose of Vitamin D 😜. I never grow tired of Second Beach in Parrsboro. With each time of day, after eachContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon Break in the Sun…”

Nature Observations

I spotted this perfectly illuminated leaf from the backseat of a car about 50 meters away. It drew my attention immediately. I call this my “flash of perception”. Two days later the sparkling rain drops on these apple blossoms had a similar effect on me. Creamy white and soft pink colour splashes contrasted against aContinue reading “Nature Observations”

Sharing Bay of Fundy Riches: Diligent River

There is no better way to spend the May long weekend Sunday sharing some prime spots along the Minas Basin in the Bay of Fundy. Straight across from Cape Split is Diligent River with a beach that is hidden away and not that obvious to visitors. Our small group arrived in the heat of theContinue reading “Sharing Bay of Fundy Riches: Diligent River”

A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

What a way to honour the May long weekend Sunday. A group of hikers from Moncton inquired if I could show them the way to Clarke Head. You know my answer to their question. Of course I will share this epic beach excursion! As soon as we rounded the arch the sun burst through theContinue reading “A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!”

Another Day – Another Beach

Checking in from Brookville Beach today. I have logged about ninety minutes along the most colourful beach and the tide is turning. Time to turn around… the wind has changed and clouds are moving in! Happy Saturday, everyone. Best wishes for this May long weekend, Anna

Refugee Cove Hike, Part 2

I could have stayed all day, sigh! But you know it’s time to push on when you see the tide rolling in. The Cove is spectacular and it is difficult to imagine that within a short time it will be completely flooded. The driftwood provided shelter from the wind and a good backrest while someContinue reading “Refugee Cove Hike, Part 2”

Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1

Yesterday’s epic hike meant an early morning for all. I met my ride just before 5 a. m. at the Parrsboro Tim Hortons. It was still dark with a bright moon guiding the way. The winding drive to West Advocate to the meeting place takes 45 minutes. Everyone was gathered there by 5:45, ready toContinue reading “Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1”

Exploring the Bigger Picture

It’s no secrets how passionate I am about “the beach.” But what exactly is it that I find so fascinating? For me it’s all about I what find after taking in the view. Last Sunday in West Advocate I discovered tide pools. I had not found any like this since I started roaming various beachesContinue reading “Exploring the Bigger Picture”

A long day of hiking…

…leaves me with just enough energy to post a few images. I joined a hiking buddy for a 12 km round-trip leg from Eatonville to Seal Cove along the Chignecto Trail.. Enjoy! More tomorrow, Anna

Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…

…”I don’t think you can do that…” was the answer to my question shortly after we arrived in late 2020. I had inquired with the walking group I belonged to at the time. It’s taken me nearly 18 months to prove to myself that crossing the mudflats is definitely an option. I arrived at Wasson’sContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…”

Up Close Photography…

…is always a great way to explore the nitty gritty of a particular area. These images were made while exploring a park in Halifax. Finding subjects and topics for this type of photography is limitless! It has a name: Miksang. Miksang is Tibetan for “The Good Eye”. It is also referred to as Contemplative Photography.Continue reading “Up Close Photography…”