Some much deserved backyard love…

…or more appropriately: Poppy Love! I have always delighted in growing poppies. During our last years in Calgary we had a poppy bed in the front yard people would drive to and take photographs of. We took some of the seeds with us when we moved to Saskatchewan. But, no matter how hard we tried,Continue reading “Some much deserved backyard love…”

Ocean Floor Impression…

The term “ocean floor” regularly draws attention. It is my favourite place to explore once the tide moves out. The mighty Bay of Fundy waters move “treasures” about, deposit sea glass and rocks while continually eroding geological formations. Enjoy today’s offering! Best wishes for a fabulous day, Anna

Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide

A vacationing couple from Halifax contacted me Saturday morning. Heidi from the Pleasant Street Inn suggested had passed on my information and we connected in person just as they were finishing one of the Pleasant Street Inn’s epic breakfasts. We met up Sunday afternoon and ventured out onto the mudflats together for a two hourContinue reading “Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide”

When the rainy day turns…

The morning walk definitely called for raincoats and despite the jewel-like raindrops on leaves and flowers it was a very short excursion through the neighbourhood. Eventually the clouds cleared and Ottawa House beach beckoned. I was pleased to see three Plein Air participants capturing the impressive vistas. Parrsboro Creative is currently hosting the International PleinContinue reading “When the rainy day turns…”

Rich Local Natural History

A half hour just before the tide rolled in last Sunday yielded some nice crystal finds at Partridge Island beach. Our area is a rock hound’s paradise and multiple-guided tours stop at this beach regularly. Parrsboro is uniquely situated on the Minas Basin and as such has had an important place in how the planetContinue reading “Rich Local Natural History”

Evening Light

After the weekly free concert at the Parrsboro Bandstand last night I took the long way home. I am glad I did: the hillside covered in lupins was well worth admiring. Upon zooming in I realized the colourful iridescent prisms covering the stems were… aphids! Nature is multi-layered indeed. The light was quickly changing alongContinue reading “Evening Light”

The Ever-changing Sky…

Yesterday was one of those days: The sky kept changing constantly. It made me realize once again how cloudy and clear skies can set the mood for how an image is perceived by the onlooker. Above are a few captures from yesterday. Contrasting these first gallery images with the second set you can really seeContinue reading “The Ever-changing Sky…”

A Misty Saturday

We are on our second day of on-again-off-again rain. I embrace these wet days as the landscape reveals vistas and textures often missed in bright sunlight. During my morning walk the bridge over the Aboiteau caught my attention. Rarely is the water this still and reflective. With the misty sky everything moves into focus andContinue reading “A Misty Saturday”

Dulsing Time is Here!

The first dulse harvest of the year is happening! Last year I was so new to this practice that I missed a few points but on the fourth try I felt comfortable…. It’s a busy time and our friend Patrick always invited a big group along. So I decided to head out an hour earlyContinue reading “Dulsing Time is Here!”

Lupin and Iris Patches by the Beach!

When a friend texted last night to invite me to walk with her I was able to show her some places about town she had not discovered yet! It’s always such a pleasure to witness newcomers’ delight in new scenery… I was excited about the change along First Beach. A week ago dandelions lined theContinue reading “Lupin and Iris Patches by the Beach!”

Sunset at Partridge Island Beach…

The light turns magical just before the sun slips below the horizon… a late day walk on the beach between Ottawa House and Partridge Island never disappoints. And look at those driftwood textures… Wishing you all a fabulous start to the weekend, Anna

Did you know?

June 8th is World Clean Oceans Day? We did our bit at West Advocate (Driftwood Beach). We joined a group of like-minded people to cast our eyes to the pebble beach and gather trash. It’s always enlightening what one finds! Here is Colin and my tally sheet… this is from two set of eyes alongContinue reading “Did you know?”

Down Shore…

Horseshoe Cove near Cape d’Or at low tide provided tranquility and solitude during our first stop in the morning. I was able to dip my toes into the Bay of Fundy for the first time this year. Walking on the fine sand provides the best pedicure! After three and a half hours looking for “treasures”Continue reading “Down Shore…”

Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy

Exploring the beaches has become my passion. Sharing the area with visitors is the next best thing. This week I am spending time with a young rock hounder from Quebec. Our first stop was Wasson’s Bluff shortly after sunrise on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon we ventured to Five Island Provincial Park to explore the beach aroundContinue reading “Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy”

First Anniversary…

Have you ever wondered how to find the beaches and spend quality time exploring without worrying about tidal times? You have a new option: read more about my new venture here!