Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited

The weather yesterday afternoon was perfect for a little excursion. Soley Cove is a favourite destination. It was time to check up on the sea stack after Hurricane Fiona. Fiona definitely left her mark, the Soley Cove sea stack has “lost a little more weight” but the scenery always leaves me in awe… Best wishesContinue reading “Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited”

Memories of Grand Manan

We had a busy morning stowing away yard ornaments and furniture in anticipation of hurricane Fiona. This meant that a walk on the beach was not on the agenda. Instead I scrolled through some pictures I captured while visiting Grand Manan two weeks ago and in search of a beach to explore. I loved makingContinue reading “Memories of Grand Manan”

On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

I love surprises! On our way home from Grand Manan Island last week we travelled along the Fundy Coastline from Alma Beach to Moncton. We last visited Cape Enrage in 2008. And things have changed… The beach prior to heading up to the lighthouse called to us to stop and explore. It was definitely worthContinue reading “On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick”

From the other side of the Bay…

We are back at the Blacks Harbour ferry terminal to sail to Grand Manan. My exhibition closes at 6 pm. We will spend some time relaxing and enjoying this amazing sunshine before duty calls. Let’s see if we can find a nice beach… Happy Friday. Hope everyone’s day is filled with sunshine. Best wishes, Anna

The Road Less Travelled…

Today we travelled in the opposite direction, away from the Fundy shore. Blueberry fields and forest presented themselves. And for the first time ever we noticed this ancient sentinel standing guard in the middle of a blueberry field. The question begs: why have we never noticed this Hemlock before? Sometimes it’s a good idea toContinue reading “The Road Less Travelled…”

Blacks Habour & Grand Manan Impressions

To catch the ferry to Grand Manan one is required to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure, even with a reservation. We claimed our spot in line bright and early which left me with some time to explore the area around the ferry dock. It had rained the night before and the skyContinue reading “Blacks Habour & Grand Manan Impressions”


…for the morning ferry to Grand Manan Island off the New Brunswick Coast at the mouth of the Fay of Fundy . I know… the image for today is less than inspiring. Let it be my promise to you to share better photos and a report tomorrow. Happy Friday, Anna

Tour Day!

Sometimes the best days are those that are planned at the spur of the moment. Today was such a day! Two lovely guests to Parrsboro were interested in exploring the shore. We made it to Phinney Green just before high tide. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the beach perfectly for pictures. The afternoonContinue reading “Tour Day!”

Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or

I had the pleasure of leading a bus tour with 26 participants down shore yesterday. Our first destination was West Advocate where the Red Rocks beckoned. The group even spotted a seal close to shore in the waters of the outgoing tide. The landscape was shrouded in mist for most of the day. As weContinue reading “Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or”

The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS

One destination left to fully explore in our area has been the Dutchman Dairy Animal Enclosure. I snowshoed through parts of it last March and knew then that I would bring the grandchildren when they come for a visit. We made it there last Wednesday. Admission per person is $4.25+tax. Children receive two small bagsContinue reading “The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS”

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joggings Fossil Cliffs

I finally made it to the Joggings Fossil Cliffs Interpretive Centre. In the past we hardly came across a soul. Yesterday the parking lot was filled with a large tour bus and cars from across Canada and Eastern US. It is good to see that Nova Scotia’s primary industry, tourism, is rebounding! With family visitingContinue reading “UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joggings Fossil Cliffs”

Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park

It is no secret that the Bay of Fundy holds a great many treasures and ancient information. Five Islands Provincial Park provides us with a “measure in time” where we can examine a fault line that intersects the Jurassic and the Triassic time periods reaching back 200 million years. Guiding a group of friends fromContinue reading “Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park”

Day Hike through Ravenhead Nature Preserve with a stop at the Apple River Lighthouse

I love an extended hike! The weather predictions were favourable for last Thursday, June 23rd. I signed up to participate and my worries about the 20 km distance were completely unfounded. It’s always great to join an experienced group when exploring a new route. I am not sure I would have followed through on myContinue reading “Day Hike through Ravenhead Nature Preserve with a stop at the Apple River Lighthouse”

Down Shore…

Horseshoe Cove near Cape d’Or at low tide provided tranquility and solitude during our first stop in the morning. I was able to dip my toes into the Bay of Fundy for the first time this year. Walking on the fine sand provides the best pedicure! After three and a half hours looking for “treasures”Continue reading “Down Shore…”

First Anniversary…

Have you ever wondered how to find the beaches and spend quality time exploring without worrying about tidal times? You have a new option: read more about my new venture here!

Three Sisters

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of viewing the Three Sisters formation in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park while hiking to Anderson Cove. It was awe inspiring and I was excited to see them from a different vantage point during an upcoming outing to Eatonville. Yesterday’s outing was spectacular. An easy walk from the EatonvilleContinue reading “Three Sisters”

Another Day – Another Beach

Checking in from Brookville Beach today. I have logged about ninety minutes along the most colourful beach and the tide is turning. Time to turn around… the wind has changed and clouds are moving in! Happy Saturday, everyone. Best wishes for this May long weekend, Anna

Refugee Cove Hike, Part 2

I could have stayed all day, sigh! But you know it’s time to push on when you see the tide rolling in. The Cove is spectacular and it is difficult to imagine that within a short time it will be completely flooded. The driftwood provided shelter from the wind and a good backrest while someContinue reading “Refugee Cove Hike, Part 2”