A Short Excursion to Peggy’s Cove

Perhaps it’s not what the doctor ordered but it certainly was a nice change of scenery. With Colin’s long-awaited medical appointment in Halifax at the IWK we booked two nights at our favourite pet-friendly Best Western at Chocolate Lake from where the drive to Peggy’s Cove was just a short jaunt. The weather was great,Continue reading “A Short Excursion to Peggy’s Cove”

Trip to the Sugar Bush

A year ago we had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on a visit to the sugar bush near Fenwick, between Amherst and Springhill. This year we ventured out on our own. We had this excursion on our calendar for a few weeks hoping to bring along friends but our schedules never seemedContinue reading “Trip to the Sugar Bush”


The rainy day yesterday led to a light dusting of snow overnight. While scrolling through images I was drawn to the one featured today. It was created on a warm November day last year. For me it holds the promise of warmer days, calmer days and days that bring peace, better health for all andContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist

Remember my post from the fog-shrouded Parrsboro Lighthouse? On the way home from Truro we took Soley Cove Road at the foot of Economy Mountain. My friends who travelled with me had not been here before but were very happy I shared this little side-excursion and vista with them. Enjoy the mysterious images. Happy Friday,Continue reading “Soley’s Cove Sea Stack in the Mist”

Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…

…as part of the Fundy Shore Winter Carnival. The Fundy Shore Winter Carnival kicked off last Thursday. The event I was most interested in was the tour jointly organized by the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum. It was advertised as the Highland Tour exploring the area surrounding That Dutchman Cheese Farm in Economy. AllContinue reading “Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…”

Colour Burst

I wasn’t going to share this image here because I already posted this amazing sunset capture on my Instagram and FaceBook accounts. However, I realize not everyone uses social media. When a personal request to repost my image on a local community FaceBook bulletin board arrived a little while ago I decided to share theContinue reading “Colour Burst”

Destination: Parrsboro Dam

Ten months ago I tried to find the trail to the Parrsboro Dam for the first time. I didn’t find it then but I kept the goal to hike there on my bucket list. Yesterday was the day to visit…

Wards Brook Beach

Wards Brook Beach is a 20 minute drive from Parrsboro. The access has changed and became a little more challenging over the last year but my determination paid off…

Five Islands Lighthouse Park

We have countless beaches, some are easy to walk, others not so much… Five Islands Lighthouse Park is one of the beaches that is suitable for all levels of fitness!

Hardscrabble Road

No, I didn’t make it up… Hardscrabble Road is real. To access Hardscrabble Road we backtracked from the Joggins Fossil Centre through town and took the turn which was well signed. Hardscrabble Road hugs the Fundy coastline till it connects with Cove Road and you have a choice to carry on to Menudie or turnContinue reading “Hardscrabble Road”

Road Trip!

The Joggins, a significant geological site in the earth’s natural history is located only about 45 minutes from where we live. This was our second visit there but it is definitely not our last!

Merry Christmas from the Beach…

I still pinch myself every time we head to the beach in the winter… The Bay of Fundy holds so much magic no matter which beach we stop at!

Great Village…

…a great village to explore, especially if you are into antiques and collectibles. Perhaps you are a regular viewer of CBC’s Land & Sea and caught this episode that first aired on November 21st? Perhaps you watched it but didn’t really know where this grouping of antique stores can be found. Wonder no more: GreatContinue reading “Great Village…”

Soley Cove

Every sea stack has a unique history… this is my favourite formation close to home. Read on and click on the link to find out more.

Putting Parrsboro, NS on the Map…

Whether you want to get away for a night, a weekend or longer to explore the Bay of Fundy consider “The Pleasant Street Inn” in Parrsboro… home away from home, even over the holidays!

Calm Between Storms

In keeping with my daily posts a quick update from an unexpected sojourn to Halifax for a medical appointment. We decided to drive in a day early due to the weather forecast. The trip was one battling rain but the wind died down and the rain has slowed as well. This was the view thisContinue reading “Calm Between Storms”

Patches of Light…

Late fall is a time of transition. Nothing drives home this natural occurrence more than a visit to a familiar forest where, not too long ago, I marveled at the magic light filtering through the colourful leaves…

Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS

Red Rocks and sunshine along the beach… what could be better to rejuvenate the senses?

When the Sun Shines in November…

The Fundy GeoPark has countless destinations to explore. Cape d’Or is well worth the trip, especially on a sunny and mild day in November…