Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1

Yesterday’s epic hike meant an early morning for all. I met my ride just before 5 a. m. at the Parrsboro Tim Hortons. It was still dark with a bright moon guiding the way. The winding drive to West Advocate to the meeting place takes 45 minutes. Everyone was gathered there by 5:45, ready toContinue reading “Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1”

Exploring New Territory

When the invitation to join a hike to Seal Cove was posted on my FaceBook hiking group I decided to bow out of writing group and join the adventure instead. The trailhead to Seal Cove is well over an hour from Parrsboro. I headed to Apple River and into unknown territory beyond, a true adventureContinue reading “Exploring New Territory”

A long day of hiking…

…leaves me with just enough energy to post a few images. I joined a hiking buddy for a 12 km round-trip leg from Eatonville to Seal Cove along the Chignecto Trail.. Enjoy! More tomorrow, Anna

Halifax Public Gardens

The rain had stopped by the time we reached the city yesterday morning. The pups and I decided to spend the time walking and exploring the neighbourhood while we waited for Colin. I knew the Public Gardens were nearby and we set out in that direction. When I reached the main gate I realized petsContinue reading “Halifax Public Gardens”

My Sunday afternoon search for the sun…

…was somewhat successful. At the end the clouds parted and revealed tiny spots of blue! These images are from down shore at Diligent River and Fox River. The capture with the red chair is titled “Is it Summer yet?” Happy Monday, everyone! May the sun shine brightly wherever you are today. Best wishes, Anna

In and around the Dingle in Halifax

This historical landmark in Halifax has been on my tourist agenda for a while. Enjoy! The rain held off which enabled us to take in the park and it’s views as well. The walk along the water was particularly inviting with these great leading lines! I look forward to returning here when the sun shinesContinue reading “In and around the Dingle in Halifax”

Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach

It was a blue sky kind-of-day when we left Parrsboro on Sunday noon. The closer we got to our destination the more clouds shrouded the sky. Grey sky is not something that deters me easily and as we arrived at the parking lot next to the Joggings Cliffs Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, IContinue reading “Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach”


The weather changed from sunny to overcast with a brisk wind while we travelled to The Joggins Fossil Cliffs yesterday afternoon. The reward for braving the wind was that we had the vast beach to ourselves. Here is a teaser photo for a longer post coming tomorrow! Happy Monday! Anna Th

Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning

It was an exhale kind of moment when we arrived at one of the best kept secrets along the Bay of Fundy this morning. It always gives me such pleasure to bring new friends to this particular beach with its rich natural history and diverse geological formations. Lori, my friend, was in awe as theContinue reading “Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning”

Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation

My heart always beats a little faster when we drive past this beach in Economy. I visited and hiked this beach three times last year. When an invitation to join the List Soles hiking group on this excursion was extended I could not resist. Words cannot describe this amazing day!! Pictures really do speak aContinue reading “Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation”

Let’s Go to the Beach…

…and look for some driftwood, my friend said around lunchtime. Off we went, heading down shore toward Fox River. “If we turn where the old school building is and access the beach there, we will find great pieces of wood…”. I am game, it’s only a short drive! And we were not disappointed! We madeContinue reading “Let’s Go to the Beach…”

Another visit to the Sugar Bush…

… before the sap turns sour, and just because it’s difficult to stay away from the intoxicating scent of boiling maple syrup! Our friends were curious about the Fenwick Sugar Bush and since it was a fabulous spring day yesterday we went for an outing to Thompson’s and Ripley’s. It wasn’t busy at all, soContinue reading “Another visit to the Sugar Bush…”

Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville

I can’t remember the last time I walked along this beach, and never I have I been here at high tide. The waves were rushing toward us, the sound drowning out any bird sounds. The smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves hitting the shore and rushing back across the pebbles wasContinue reading “Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville”

A Short Excursion to Peggy’s Cove

Perhaps it’s not what the doctor ordered but it certainly was a nice change of scenery. With Colin’s long-awaited medical appointment in Halifax at the IWK we booked two nights at our favourite pet-friendly Best Western at Chocolate Lake from where the drive to Peggy’s Cove was just a short jaunt. The weather was great,Continue reading “A Short Excursion to Peggy’s Cove”

Trip to the Sugar Bush

A year ago we had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on a visit to the sugar bush near Fenwick, between Amherst and Springhill. This year we ventured out on our own. We had this excursion on our calendar for a few weeks hoping to bring along friends but our schedules never seemedContinue reading “Trip to the Sugar Bush”