Not Since Moses…

It’s back!!! After two years of cancellations the annual run between Soley’s Cove and Five Islands is back! “Not Since Moses” 5 k 8 km Fun Runs took place earlier today. The call to volunteer went out to the Fundy GeoPark Seniors last month. We joined the GeoPark geologist Caleb Grant on Friday as wellContinue reading “Not Since Moses…”

Island in the Mist…

The goal was to get up early to time our circumnavigation of Partridge Island just so. The end result was that neither Adrienne nor I are into holding on to ropes while slithering over seaweed covered rocks. We walked to the rock outcropping from each side instead (and called it “goal accomplished) while experiencing someContinue reading “Island in the Mist…”

Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2

The weather was much better today when I left the house at 6:15 a.m. to take full advantage of another ocean floor walk at Soley’s Cove. The sky was constantly changing despite a lack of wind. It was such a wonderful walk with a friend. Conversation flowed easily as we walked across the firm sandContinue reading “Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2”

Soley’s Cove on a misty morning…

I have walked the beaches and explored the coves here in summer and winter, in bright sunshine and stiff breezes. Never before have I experienced this beach in truly flat light with light rain falling. Between the crumbling cliffs and the ever-changing sea stack it was once again a sight to behold. We are enteringContinue reading “Soley’s Cove on a misty morning…”

Tour Day!

Sometimes the best days are those that are planned at the spur of the moment. Today was such a day! Two lovely guests to Parrsboro were interested in exploring the shore. We made it to Phinney Green just before high tide. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the beach perfectly for pictures. The afternoonContinue reading “Tour Day!”

Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or

I had the pleasure of leading a bus tour with 26 participants down shore yesterday. Our first destination was West Advocate where the Red Rocks beckoned. The group even spotted a seal close to shore in the waters of the outgoing tide. The landscape was shrouded in mist for most of the day. As weContinue reading “Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or”

Quiet Time Before Sunset…

Took my Hampton Cruiser for a loop around town last night. There was a concert at The Hall and the streets were deserted. It suited me just fine as I did not have to compete with too many cars for space on the roads. My destination was First Beach. The light was soft, there wasContinue reading “Quiet Time Before Sunset…”

My Hampton Cruiser…

Yeah, my friend who is handy in tuning bikes dropped off my reconditioned Hampton Cruiser this morning. Two broken spokes, aligning the back wheel, polishing the rusty bell to give an old-fashioned, less jarring “ding-dong” sound was all that was really needed to get it road-worthy. My first test ride took me to the groceryContinue reading “My Hampton Cruiser…”

The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS

One destination left to fully explore in our area has been the Dutchman Dairy Animal Enclosure. I snowshoed through parts of it last March and knew then that I would bring the grandchildren when they come for a visit. We made it there last Wednesday. Admission per person is $4.25+tax. Children receive two small bagsContinue reading “The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS”

When the Fog Lifted…

After a day of regrouping and dealing with a quiet house I made time for a Beachwalk. First and Second Beaches were shrouded in most, the fog horn sending its piercing sound across the water. As we rounded the point the fog had lifted and revealed some stunning colours. It was time to fully exhaleContinue reading “When the Fog Lifted…”

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joggings Fossil Cliffs

I finally made it to the Joggings Fossil Cliffs Interpretive Centre. In the past we hardly came across a soul. Yesterday the parking lot was filled with a large tour bus and cars from across Canada and Eastern US. It is good to see that Nova Scotia’s primary industry, tourism, is rebounding! With family visitingContinue reading “UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joggings Fossil Cliffs”

July Outing to Clarke Head

It has been a glorious morning already. I just returned from a quick hike to Clarke Head, my favourite place close to Parrsboro. After all the rain yesterday todays sunshine provides a welcome change. It is summer after all! Not a cloud in the sky, waves crashing at the shore and not a soul inContinue reading “July Outing to Clarke Head”

Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…

There is something contemplative about walking in the mist. Last night it became apparent that the weather was about to change. With the change of the tide mist began to rise off the Bay of Fundy waters in the Minas Basin. Cape Blomidon was quickly shrouded in fog, Cape Split was already invisible as wasContinue reading “Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…”

Just had to do it again!

…walking around Two Islands, that is! A small group got together this morning and crossed over to the Big Island. This time we walked counter-clockwise. I tried to weigh one route against the other and they measure up equally. I was glad I had made the treck just a couple of days ago as IContinue reading “Just had to do it again!”

Circumnavigating Two Islands

Today has been momentous: I joined a hiking friend in a walk around the Two Islands and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by these basalt giants but after actually crossing the knee-high water at low tide toward Big Brother I have a whole new appreciation for these geological formations. The rocky beachContinue reading “Circumnavigating Two Islands”

This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!

It was only a matter of time until I needed to learn more about the rocks and minerals lining the Bay of Fundy shore. The Rocks & Gems publication from the Smithsonian Institute is packed with geological info from the creation of the earth’s crust to rocks, minerals and fossils around the world. It isContinue reading “This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!”